• Inspections

    We have a full range of inspection services

Maintaining an initial, routine or periodic inspection program is critical to preserving your assets and delivering best-in-class repairs to our customers. We offer everything from quick eyeball estimates to comprehensive investment summaries, as well as damage assessments and customized reports. With 12 Stone Group you make informed decisions on your property, even prior to acquisition.

Routine Inspections

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  • Tenant

    Before and after tenant inspection for objective, third party assessment

  • Eyeball Estimate

    Quick due diligence to gauge and perform, complete with our bid

Annual Inspections

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  • Yearly Damage Assessment

    One-stop, complete damage assessment per unit designed to give a total cost value to correct the most important issues

  • Mechanical Assessment

    Complete check on mechanicals per unit, per site

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With a diversified background in institutional real estate managing all phases of the property life cycle, we have a unique understanding of our clients needs built on over 50 years of combined executive management hands on experience in the REO Default and private sector worldwide. Our success is driven by our motto of “One Call Does It All”. From initial meeting to project completion, we commit to  delivering the comprehensive results you expect.




Inspected and Repair

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