• Project Management

At 12 Stone Group our business is built to assist our clients with improving and preserving multi-family and commercial assets. Every aspect of the job is customized to meet the unique needs of your project, ensuring the highest possible return by providing effective project management from initial design to final build out. We understand construction can be disruptive to your day-to-day operations. To alleviate this concern, we co-develop a plan, while working closely with your managerial team prior to project execution. Experience our customer-centric approach to project management from start to finish.


Utilizing professional site inspections, interview and survey’s. We conduct a comprehensive project analysis. Identifying critical metrics to project success.


We collaborate with clients to devise a logistical plan to ensure tenant satisfaction and minimize business operation interruptions.


Working hand-in-hand with on-site management and facility directors, we deliver a smooth process from initiation to delivery.


Results on-time every time with a steadfast commitment to maintaining project deliverable’s.  Encompassing our motto “One Call Does It All”

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With a diversified background in institutional real estate managing all phases of the property life cycle, we have a unique understanding of our client’s needs, built on over 50 years of combined executive management hands on experience in the REO Default and private sector worldwide. Our success is driven by our motto of “One Call Does It All”. From initial, meeting to project completion, we commit to  delivering the comprehensive results you expect. With our on demand flooring program, your project success is a call away. 


Premium roofing with architectural designs


Window replacement from pros


Exterior refacing and restoration

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